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In our new store we will be bringing you free downloads and great tools to help you deal with diabetes.

With 19 years of experience with life with diabetes, we have worked hard to create tools that are helpful to your life. We have things like a great guide to help you reduce your taxable income, a checklist to help make preparing emergency evacuations and even more to come!

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All products with the exception of those specific to the Disability Tax Credit can be used by all people living with diabetes regardless of your country of residence. If you would like to purchase a digital download in your own currency rather than Canadian dollars, please
email us and we will send you an invoice in your chosen currency. 

FREE Provincial Coverage of Diabetes Products

Download your free infographic detailing coverage of diabetes supplies available throughout Canada. 
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FREE Travel Checklist

When traveling with diabetes, there a lot of extra things to remember. Download our checklist to ensure that you have the best holiday possible. 
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Emergency Supplies Checklist

Download the FREE checklist to ensure you are prepared for any emergency evacuation situation. 
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FREE quiz to see if you could qualify for the Disability Tax Credit

If you are a Canadian living with diabetes, you might qualify for the disability tax credit. We have a short one-page quiz that will help you decide if you should move forward with your claim. 
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Preparing to meet with a political candidate

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Complete Toolkit for Traveling with Diabetes

No matter where you live, going somewhere is exciting and stressful! What do you pack? What do you need to do before you get there? This 13-page document has a checklist of things to do before you go away, packing tips, a packing checklist so you don't forget anything, as well as tips for packing your luggage, getting through security at airports, and flying with diabetes! Everything you need in one place! 
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Everything you need to choose the right insulin pump for you

Choosing an insulin pump is a very personal thing. No one lives your life but you and you alone should decide which pump is the best fit. This ebook contains 17 pages of information and questions to help guide you on your journey to finding the perfect insulin pump for you. We ask you questions about your ideal insulin pump, give you contact information for the major pump companies, and provide you with a list of questions to ask your insulin pump reps when you meet. Whether you live in the US or Canada, we have contact information for you. 
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Four steps to helping you find the perfect insulin pump! eCourse

Choosing an insulin pump can be hard. You want a pump that fits your lifestyle and your needs but how do you decide? We can help! As experienced pumpers, we know the questions that you have and over the course of four days, we will provide you with the tools you need to find the perfect insulin pump for you! Let's get started! 
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DTC Spreadsheet

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Disability Tax Credit Workbook

A detailed 100 page workbook that will help you to track the time spent on allowable tasks for your Disability Tax Credit application. 
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20 page Step-by-step guide to completing the Disability Tax Credit application

If you would like to fill out the DTC for yourself, this guided booklet is for you. With 20 pages of detail, we take you step by step through the entire application and help you to understand which sections require your attention. We also provide a guide to let you know how each section should be filled out. 
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Disability Tax Credit Application Form Assistance

We will fill out your Disability Tax Credit application, indicate where you need to sign, provide you with supporting documentation, and provide forms to ensure you receive back credit if this is your first time applying for the credit. All documents will be sent to you via Canada Post Xpress post. A tracking number will be sent to you. We are not tax accountants but are well versed regarding the Disability Tax Credit and those with diabetes.  Please make sure that your doctor will support your claim.  This fee is for filling out the appropriate forms for you only. We do not guarantee your success but will assist you with any further issues you may have.
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Diabetes Supplies for Back to School

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Preparing to head back to school with diabetes

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Diabetes Planner

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Diabetes Sick Day eBook

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CGM/Flash comparison

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Living Life 4 hours at a Time

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