4 easy steps to apply for the Disability Tax Credit with diabetes by Diabetes Advocacy Team

4 easy steps to apply for the Disability Tax Credit with diabetes

In this course, we will take you through the application process step by step offering you tips and showing you how to have success. 

What's included?

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Who Qualifies for the DTC
Things to Remember
Step 1...Calculating Time Spent on Life sustaining therapy
Things to consider before you start
Monitoring your time
Time spent on diabetes tasks with Excel sheet.mp4
8 mins
DTC time spent with sample pages.xlsx
148 KB
using the DTC workbook.mp4
9 mins
DTC Workbook fillable.pdf
766 KB
DTC Workbook fillable.docx
646 KB
DTC Workbook fillable for MAC.docx
667 KB
Checklist of tasks to consider for diabetes care.pdf
1.35 MB
Step 2...Filling out the T2201
Filling out the T2201
Download the T2201
Who should be claiming the credit?
Filling out the T2201.mp4
14 mins
T2201 Review
Step 3...Taking your T2201 to your medical professional
Talking to your medical professional
checklist for hc provider.pdf
1 MB
Step 4...Submitting the T2201
How to submit your T2201
Everything you need to send
How long does it take


I just wanted to let you know that I got my DTC approved with no issues and no further doctor info needed thanks to your help and spreadsheet! I super appreciate your feedback and guidance - you provide an invaluable service!