Diabetes Wellness Toolkit by Diabetes Advocacy Team

Diabetes Wellness Toolkit

This product bundle gives you access to 
  • Choosing a glucometer
  • Ketone chart
  • High and Low blood sugar images
  • Preparing for sick days
  • Preparing for your next diabetes clinic appointment
  • Access to three formats of blood glucose logbooks
  • 25 sleep tips
  • Tips for handling the fear of hypos

What's included?

25 Sleep tips

Choosing a Glucometer

Download our FREE list of things to consider when purchasing a glucometer to monitor your blood glucose levels.

Daily Blood Glucose Logsheets

It can be easier to manage highs and lows when you can see the readings in front of you. Try one of our three styles of log pages.
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Diabetes Sick Day eBook

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Handling Fear of Hypos

High and Low Blood Sugar Download

Printable and downloadable image of the symptoms of high and low blood sugars. 

Ketone Chart

Preparing for your diabetes clinic appointment

Be prepared for your next diabetes clinic appointment with your own set of questions and take notes before you go home. 
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