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FREE quiz to see if you could qualify for the Disability Tax Credit

If you are a Canadian living with diabetes, you might qualify for the disability tax credit. We have a short one-page quiz that will help you decide if you should move forward with your claim. 

FREE Provincial Coverage of Diabetes Products

Download your free infographic detailing coverage of diabetes supplies available throughout Canada. 

Diabetes Emergency Kit Checklist

Download the FREE checklist to ensure you are prepared for any emergency evacuation situation. 

FREE Travel Checklist

When traveling with diabetes, there a lot of extra things to remember. Download our checklist to ensure that you have the best holiday possible. 

Choosing a Glucometer

Download our FREE list of things to consider when purchasing a glucometer to monitor your blood glucose levels.

Navigating life with a teen with diabetes

Diabetes Supplies for Back to School

CGM/Flash comparison

Handling Fear of Hypos

Infusion set comparison

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